Features and Benefits

Exceptionally Higher Matching Speed

The current matching speed is up to 2 billion per second. Moqi achieves fully automatic and accurate matching of 4 billion fingerprint/palmprint images in seconds with little effect from accuracy decay with Very Large Database (VLDB)

Higher Matching Accuracy

More than 90% of results return a hit in the first place, and the hit rate of the top five results exceeds 99%, as shown in relevant technical tests

Higher Top-ranking Rate

Designed for professional matching of fingerprints and palmprints, the system effectively reduces workloads of inspectors, improving inspection efficiency and avoiding missing-out

Onsite Automatic Matching

The high level of automation makes the system reach the level of expert without human intervention

Matchable for Low-quality Fingerprints

The system can handle low-quality fingerprints and palmprints (like small size, blur, distortion, incompleteness, severe deformation, etc.), making the speed, accuracy, and range of matching reach an unprecedented level

Diversified Deployment Model

The system supports cloud service, private-cloud deployment, SDK/API and other deployment solutions. It reduces costs for upgrades, operation and maintenance. It provides real-time query and large-scale co-query, ensures data security, and significantly improves the overall efficiency

Flexible Data Enrollment

Enroll and match various data according to the needs of the business, such as other types of local fingerprint data, or fingerprint/palmprint data in surrounding areas, etc.

Flexible Data Management

Manage data based on customized plan, such as sharding strategy

Flexible Work Mechanisms

The working mechanism can be flexibly formulated according to the local staffing and other circumstances, such as developing a local re-match review mechanism, preparing a sprint plan, etc.

Convenient Customizing of Workflows

The system can formulate a workflow that meets actual needs and cooperate with local mechanism to improve work efficiency

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